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New York Property Tax? The Gov Just Gave Us a Break!

Avoid next year's deduction cap by paying by end of year!

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If you have any property in New York State, Governor Cuomo gave us a break by issuing an Executive Order. (Hah! -- Trump isn't the only one who can issue Executive Orders!) Cuomo is ordering taxing authorities to accept payment for next year's property taxes this year. You can pay in full or in part. This will offset the damage of next year's cap of a $10,000 deduction on property taxes. But hurry -- this offer only makes good dollars and sense if you take action before midnight on December 31, 2017!

Thanks, Gov. It doesn't totally fix what's going on in Washington, but every bit helps.

For more information, or to consult about your tax situation, please call 646-467-4646.

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