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    Cannabis Tax Return and Form 230E

    Form 230E is what separates a Cannabis Business from

    any other legal business!

    Cost of Goods Sold

    Unique handling of Cannabis Businesses


    Ask yourself: does that employee "touch the leaf"?


    • Actual product
    • Production tools
    • Production equipment

    Preserving Assets

    • Keep your cash investments safe from sky-high levels of taxation!
    • Keep your real estate and other property safe from the IRS!


    • Governor-Elect has promised "full steam ahead on legal marijuana". ACT FAST to get your business ready to roll when the legislation is passed! 
    • EMAIL TODAY for a free consultation on how you can start your own cannabis business in New Jersey. 


    • There is no time like the present to start getting documentation together for your cannabis business. 
    • A failure to plan is a plan for failure in the cannabis business. You need to set up your business properly LONG BEFORE you see your first customer. 
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  • Solutions to Complex Tax Situations

    Gotham Tax Solutions offers a full-service tax practice, including the filing of business and personal returns for individual clients, resolution of IRS investigation and collection efforts, and offers in compromise. In addition, Gotham Tax Solutions will conduct a no-risk audit of property tax assessments and will protest county and municipal valuations to trim thousands from your annual tax bill.



    Contact: 646-467-4646


    Tax Resolution

    Faced with a collection letter?

    In many cases, an Enrolled Agent can thoroughly review your case and reach an agreement with the IRS over the phone -- often for thousands of dollars less than they originally wanted!

    Filing Back Years?

    Have you let one or more years pass without filing?

    Let us help you get caught up. It probably won't take as long as you think.

    Property Tax Protest

    Lower your tax assessment

    At no up-front cost to you, Gotham Tax Solutions will investigate your current property tax assessment and protest valuations with your county and municipal authorities. You could save thousands from your annual property tax bill.

  • Paula Collins, MBA, EA, JD

    Gotham Tax Solutions works for your CANNABIS BUSINESS so that your profits don't go up in smoke due to Form 280E.


    I am Founder, Paula Collins, an Enrolled Agent, Admitted to Practice Before the IRS. I specialize in helping cannabis businesses. Together with owners and CFOs, I itemize earnings and deductions so that legal cannabis businesses do not lose profits due to the federal Schedule I characterization of their products. There are incredible opportunities in the cannabis industry. Let me overcome the hazards so that you can enjoy your growing your retail, production, or packaging business. Do NOT let the IRS take all of your profits.


    Gotham Tax Solutions provides full service tax representation to all individuals and businesses with complex tax situations. The IRS may have sent you or your business a letter that has you panicked and in fear. Do not worry. We have strategies for working with the IRS so that you can be sure that you are paying the minimum allowable on taxes.


    I hold an MBA with an Emphasis in Accounting from the University of Phoenix and a Juris Doctor from Brooklyn Law School. Call 646-467-4646 or email me at paula@gothamtaxsolutions.com so we can get you out of your tax problems and into your tax solutions!


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